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Elections in Rwanda: 310 civil society observers deployed

In preparation for the presidential and legislative elections scheduled for July 15, 310 civil society observers have been designated to guarantee the transparency and fairness of the ballots across the country.

One month before the presidential and legislative elections in Rwanda, civil society is mobilizing to ensure the transparency and integrity of the electoral process. Angélique Kabeza, secretary general of the Rwanda civil society platform, announced the designation of 310 observers who will be deployed in the 30 regions of the country.

Their mission will be to monitor the conduct of the elections and ensure that they are held in a fair, transparent and free manner.

Notable candidates and exclusions

For this election, outgoing President Paul Kagame, head of the Rwandan Patriotic Front since 1998, applied to run for a fourth term after the removal of the constitutional two-term limit via a controversial referendum in 2015.

Diane Rwigara, an opposition figure, will not be eligible to run. On the other hand, Frank Habineza, of the Green Democratic Party, and the independent Philippe Mpayimana, are among the candidates vying for the presidency.

With 310 civil society observers deployed across Rwanda, the July 15 elections benefit from a reinforced monitoring framework to guarantee their transparency and fairness.