Egypt: Mustafa Madbouly reappointed as Prime Minister

Egypt: Mustafa Madbouly reappointed as Prime Minister

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi has reappointed Mustafa Madbouly as prime minister, asking him to form a new government after his recent re-election.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, having been sworn in for a third six-year term, reappointed Mustafa Madbouly as Prime Minister on Monday. This decision follows the Egyptian custom whereby the government resigns at the start of a new presidential term. Mustafa Madbouly, 58, was initially appointed Prime Minister in June 2018, succeeding Chérif Ismaïl.

Prior to his appointment as Prime Minister, Madbouly served as Minister of Housing since March 2014. He also headed the UN HABITAT regional office for the Arab States, bringing an international perspective to his role.

Madbouly submitted his government's resignation two months after Sissi's re-election, allowing the president to form a new administration. President Sissi won the December elections with an overwhelming 89.6% of the vote, consolidating his power for years to come.

As prime minister, Madbouly played a key role in implementing the Egyptian government's ambitious economic reforms and infrastructure projects, aimed at boosting economic growth and improving living conditions in the country. His renewal is seen as a sign of continuity and stability in Egyptian politics.