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Economy and migration policy: Tunisia and the EU sign a “strategic partnership”

In a significant step forward, the European Union and Tunisia concluded on July 16, a historic agreement called “comprehensive strategic partnership”, which aims to strengthen cooperation in key areas such as the fight against irregular immigration, economic development and renewable energies.

Tunisia, as a departure point for many migrants seeking to reach Europe across the Mediterranean, faces complex migration challenges. As part of this strategic partnership, the European Union and Tunisia have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the fight against irregular immigration, while paying particular attention to the protection of migrants’ rights and the management of flows. migration in a safe and orderly manner.

In addition to migration issues, the agreement also emphasizes Tunisia’s economic development. The EU is committed to investing in development projects that promote economic growth, job creation and improved living conditions for Tunisians. This approach aims to strengthen the social and economic stability of the country, by offering future prospects to young people and by combating the root causes of emigration.

Another key aspect of this partnership is the promotion of renewable energies. Both parties expressed their willingness to work together to boost the energy transition in Tunisia, encouraging the adoption of clean and sustainable energy sources. This collaboration aims to strengthen Tunisia’s energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmentally friendly development.