DRC: Cardinal Ambongo accuses the government of arming the FDLR

Eastern DRC: violent clashes between the army and the M23

Violence persists in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with clashes between Congolese government forces and the M23 “backed” by Rwanda.

Fighting broke out this weekend in the south of Masisi territory, near the town of Bitonga, pitting Congolese government forces against the M23. This escalation of violence comes after a series of bombings which hit displaced persons camps in Goma.

The Southern African Community (SADC) reacted by condemning the bombings on IDP camps and announcing joint operations with the Congolese army to neutralize the M23 rebels. The aim is to maintain peace by creating a secure environment and opening essential supply routes for local populations.

However, the situation is exacerbated by reports that the M23 and Rwandan troops are strengthening, with the arrival of new troops and weapons from Rwanda, notably through Virunga National Park.

As a result, the populations of the affected localities continue to flee towards the displacement camps in Goma, where humanitarian conditions are already precarious with nearly a million people crowded together.

As a reminder, Rwanda has always denied any support for the M23 rebels. Kigali persists and shows that it is not involved in any way with this rebel group which is decimating the east of the DRC despite the offensives of the regular army.