DRC: Tshisekedi finally holds his government

The new team has 54 ministers and many new faces have appeared.

We announced a slimming cure in the government workforce, but this is hardly the case. Prime Minister Judith Suminwa's team, presented at around 2 a.m. on Wednesday on Congolese television, still includes 54 ministers or vice-ministers. The Kasaians, the ethnic group of President Tshisekedi, are the best served with, in particular, the leather goods of Justice, Mines and Defense.

Two outgoing ministers retain their positions: Patrick Muyaya, the man of “change of narrative”, keeps Communication and Media, while Jean-Pierre Lihau extends his lease at the head of the Ministry of Civil Service and Reform of public administration.

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Most of the big names from the previous legislature are sent back to their studies. We think in particular of the all-powerful Minister of Finance Nicolas Kazadi, caught up in a scandal of overcharged drilling and street lamps, of his namesake of the Interior, Peter Kazadi, but also of Jean-Pierre Bemba, who, for his part, retains his title as Deputy Prime Minister but was forced to abandon the very successful Ministry of Defense for that of Transport. “ A slap for Bemba », explains an African diplomat. For other observers, “ he also pays for the repeated tensions with the Kasaïan generals“.

“In fact, if the government is not tightened, it has shrunk,” launches Franck Diongo, companion in the struggle of Etienne Tshisekedi who presents himself as a “ radical opponent » and can boast today “to have been imprisoned for his opinions by all the successive regimes of the country”. For him, this government is “ that of continuity and accomplices in the electoral charade. These are also men and women who agreed to do everything to obtain a revision of the constitution which should allow Félix Tshisekedi to sit in office.iand in power.”

A clear opinion, widely shared among our interlocutors, even within the presidential majority where discontent is blowing from the east of the country where two heavy goods vehicles are left at the dock: Modeste Bahati, former president of the Senate, and Antipas Mbusa Nyamwesi, former Minister of Regional Integration.

Another major surprise, the inexperience of the ministers who find themselves on the front line in the Eastern War… and the personality of the new Minister of Justice, Constant Mutamba who, just last week, sought to position himself as the representative of the opposition in the National Assembly.