DRC: President Tshisekedi urges armed groups to lay down their arms

DRC – Revision of the constitution: Does Félix Tshisekedi want to imitate Togo?

In the DRC, President Félix Tshisekedi is at the heart of intense speculation regarding a possible revision of the Constitution.

These speculations were fueled by recent statements by the Congolese head of state during his tour in Europe, where he announced the creation of a commission responsible for considering a new Constitution for the country.

The announcement immediately raised questions and concerns, with some observers fearing that President Tshisekedi would follow the example of Togo, where controversial constitutional changes are underway that could allow President Faure Gnassingbé to extend his rule.

While President Tshisekedi seeks to justify this initiative by presenting it as a desire to provide the country with a Constitution “worthy of our nation”many voices remain skeptical about his true motivations and the potentially harmful consequences of such a constitutional change.

In a context where democracy and the rule of law are already fragile in many African countries, a contested constitutional revision in the DRC could have significant repercussions on political stability and democratic governance in the region.