Moïse Katumbi

DRC – Moïse Katumbi in Kisangani: promises and challenges for the presidential election

Congolese businessman and presidential candidate Moïse Katumbi began his campaign in Kisangani with a speech promising improvements for soldiers and the country’s security. He also criticized President Tshisekedi’s record in the east of the country.

To the cheers of thousands of supporters, Moïse Katumbi inaugurated his presidential campaign in Kisangani, promising improvements for the armed forces and national security. “We are going to improve the conditions of our soldiers who must defend our country, and we are going to drive out all these forces that are in our country,” he told the enthusiastic crowd.

In his speech, Félix Tshisekedi’s challenger painted black the record of the outgoing president, particularly in the field of national security. A statement supported by his supporters who expressed their frustration with the current record, declaring that the promises of security, employment and development have not been kept by the government in place for five years.

Katumbi’s candidacy brings hope to Congolese youth seeking change. For some Congolese, the country needs peace above all, particularly in eastern DRC, a region which suffers intensely from persistent conflicts.

As a reminder, the launch ceremony of Katumbi’s campaign comes after the competing meetings of President Félix Tshisekedi and opponent Martin Fayulu.