DRC: FIFA imposes a 20-year suspension on a coach for sexual abuse of a minor

Found guilty of sexual abuse of a minor, Congolese coach Jonathan Bukabakwa has been suspended by FIFA for 20 years from any activity related to sport, the world body announced on Friday in a press release.

Jonathan Bukabakwa will apparently never practice his job as a coach again. The Congolese technician was suspended by FIFA for 20 years from any sport-related activity. The reason? The man was found guilty of sexual abuse of a minor. Youth coach in the Entente Urbaine of Lipopo (a grouping of several municipalities in Kinshasa) and Malebo, the latter will also pay a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs to the umbrella body of world football.

Suspended from his functions in November 2022 when the affair broke out, Jonathan Bukabakwa was the subject of an investigation lasting several months, led by the adjudicatory chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee. Which delivered its verdict on Friday in a press release published on the website of the body based in Zurich, Switzerland. A repeat offender, this coach nicknamed “Messi” had already spent time in prison for these acts. However, this did not prevent him from subsequently training several youth teams.

It must be added that the case of Jonathan Bukabakwa is only the visible part of this scourge which is plaguing Congolese football. “ In particular, several coaches from different leagues and region of DR Congo have been accused of abusing minors », indicated FIFA which has obviously decided to clean up the environment.