RDC : Des anciens de l’ERM apportent leur soutien à Jean-Jacques Wondo

DRC: ERM alumni provide their support to Jean-Jacques Wondo

Message of support from Congolese alumni of the Royal Military School of Belgium living abroad

Following recent developments after the criminal acts of Christian Malanga, which the Congolese authorities consider to be an attempted coup d’état, our colleague Jean-Jacques Wondo, after having been held incommunicado since Wednesday May 22, 2024 by the security services in the DRC, was transferred to the Ndolo military prison even though he had no business being there.

It is common knowledge that Jean-Jacques Wondo is in the country to provide his expertise in the difficult task of optimizing the ANR according to the wishes of the head of state Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

We, former Congolese of the Royal Military School living abroad, express our support for our friend and brother Jean-Jacques Wondo because we are convinced that he is involved neither remotely nor directly in this ignoble adventure which the theatrical character tinged with operational nonsense sufficiently demonstrates that it could not benefit in any way from the supervision of a graduate of the Royal Military School of Belgium.

It would be totally absurd to try to give credibility to an action of obvious amateurism, carried out by a group of under-equipped individuals for the most part without proven training, the majority of whom are made up of civilians, by including a gentleman of the caliber of Jean-Jacques Wondo whose commitment to improving the security system in the DRC is well known. Jean-Jacques Wondo should not be the victim of a political cabal following his former positions, particularly through his think-tank afridesk.org, nor of a settling of scores in the struggle for positioning for control. of the ANR (National Intelligence Agency) currently headed by Daniel Lusadisu, also a former member of the Royal Military School.

An image dating from 2016, as many of us have due to our background, cannot induce any participation in this type of action. We call, on the part of the various services in the DRC, for an objective and fair assessment of the facts and contexts whose very essence requires that our brother and friend Jean-Jacques Wondo be given his freedom of movement. The need for security is enormous and urgent in the DRC, the country needs well-trained and competent people like Jean-Jacques Wondo to support the authorities in maintaining and restoring order in the DRC.

We therefore request his immediate release so that he continues what he came to the country to do, namely to make his positive contribution to the intelligence sector in the DRC.

Done in Brussels on 05/31/2024

Read and approved by the majority of alumni members of the Royal Military School in the diaspora