DRC: President Tshisekedi urges armed groups to lay down their arms

DRC: deputies under investigation for corruption

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a controversy arose after the distribution of jeeps to provincial deputies in Kinshasa affiliated with the ruling party, the UDPS, just before the elections of senators, governors and vice-governors.

Civil society condemns this action as an attempt to corrupt elected officials, while security forces have opened an investigation. The National Intelligence Agency confiscated around ten vehicles and arrested several people, including a police officer in charge of jeep security.

The leader of the UDPS, Augustin Kabuya, tried to justify the distribution of vehicles by presenting it as a “incentive bonus” aimed at motivating elected officials and offering them greater comfort.

However, the ACAJ, a civil society organization, found this justification unacceptable and recalled that President Tshisekedi himself had denounced corruption and called for its fight through justice.