DRC: Cardinal Ambongo accuses the government of arming the FDLR

DRC: Cardinal Ambongo accuses the government of arming the FDLR

Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) accuses the government of supplying weapons to Wazalendo militias and Hutu FDLR rebels in North Kivu province.

In the DRC, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo has made explosive accusations against the Congolese government, claiming that it is supplying weapons not only to local militias, but also to Hutu rebels of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) in the province. of North Kivu. These allegations come as several armed groups hinder the advance of M23 rebels in the region.

According to the cardinal, this government strategy of arming various groups aims to encourage them to support the Congolese army against the M23. However, he regrets that this increased militarization is having a devastating impact on the local population, exacerbating levels of insecurity in the region and exposing civilians to violence and abuse.

Fridolin Ambongo goes further by accusing militias allied to government forces of being involved in the illicit trade in local minerals.

In reaction to these accusations, a communicator from the ruling coalition praised the courage of the Congolese who defend peace in the East, rejecting the cardinal's words as “the language of the enemy.”

Cardinal Ambongo's return to Kinshasa, after accusing the government of arming rebel groups, was marked by tensions. Deprived of access to the VIP waiting lounge at the airport, his allegations clearly irritated the authorities in place.