RDC : Après Salomon Kalonda, après Chérubin Okende, Ndaywell s’en prend à Moïse Katumbi

DRC: After Salomon Kalonda, after Chérubin Okende, Ndaywell attacks Moïse Katumbi

Candidate No. 3 is surrounded on his farm in Kashobwe by Demiap soldiers.

Clearly, the democratic process and the Congolese power of Félix Tshisekedi seem incompatible.

After the holding of a rigged ballot which should simply give a democratic appearance to the second term of Félix Tshisekedi, after the revelations of a real parallel electoral structure intended to allow the presidential political family to bypass the popular vote, after an election which took place outside of all prescribed standards, after the staging by the boss of the Ceni of the invalidation of 82 candidates in an attempt to demonstrate his determination to fight against fraudsters, now is the time for the hunt to opponents.

Indeed, this Monday, January 8, Moïse Katumbi, whose planes have already been grounded by military decision, saw his residence in his native village of Kashobwe (Haut-Katanga) surrounded by the troops of the head of the intelligence services, General Christian Ndaywell. An intelligence chief of Belgian nationality who is already the subject of a war crime complaint in our country in the case of the assassination, on July 13, of Chérubin Okende, the spokesperson for the party of… Moïse Katumbi . It is still the same “compatriot” that we find behind the arrest of the right arm of… Moïse Katumbi, on May 30. Despite the weakness of the charges presented against him and his deteriorating health, Salomon Kalonda is still behind bars.