DRC: M23 confirms the arrest of Burundian soldiers in the East of the Country

DRC: a church attacked by ADF rebels

In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, insurgents affiliated with the Islamic State Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) carried out attacks on church worshipers in Ituri and North Kivu provinces .

According to information from authorities and civil society organizations, ADF attackers deliberately targeted the faithful of a Branhamist church during their worship, using machetes to kill five people. Some worshipers managed to escape, while others were taken hostage, although the precise number was not specified by civil society. Additionally, the attackers vandalized the church by destroying the preacher’s musical instruments and Bible.

Furthermore, in Tandika, an adjacent locality, three farmers were killed and their harvest was looted. The eight victims were buried on Tuesday, and searches continue to find possible missing people. The residents requested help from the army for this operation, and the soldiers assured that they had launched a pursuit against the alleged attackers, holed up in the depths of Irumu territory.

Despite efforts by Congolese and Ugandan security forces over the past two years to neutralize the ADF, attacks persist on a regular basis. The Congolese army claims to have eliminated more than 1,200 members of the ADF in 2023 and to have captured several hundred.