Cameroon: Botafogo president suspended for sexual abuse of his players

Cameroon: Botafogo president suspended for sexual abuse of his players

Accused of sexual abuse of his players, the president of the Botafogo club (Littoral regional championship), Chatue Nitcheu Josué, was suspended by the Cameroonian Football Federation, Fécafoot announced Thursday in a press release on its social networks.

Very engaged, however, in its standoff with the Ministry of Sports over the technical staff of the Indomitable Lions, the Cameroonian Football Federation is not abandoning its day-to-day affairs. In a press release published Thursday on its official channels, Fécafoot announced the suspension of the president of the Botafogo club, following allegations of sexual abuse. Chatue Nitcheu Josué, since he is the one in question, would have forced his players to have sexual relations, according to a video that has gone viral.

“The president of the Littoral Regional Football League (…) decides (…) to provisionally suspend from all football-related activities Mr. Chatue Nitcheu Josué, General President of Botafogo Football Club, for inappropriate behavior symbolized by a video of pornographic“, declared the body led by Samuel Eto'o in its press release.

According to the Camerounweb site, “These young people are footballers who have come from several corners of Cameroon to play in their football club. Images show one of the residences in Bonapriso where these young footballers were transformed into sex slaves by Chatue Nitcheu Josué“. Accusations which do not help the case of the boss of the Douala-based club, who will remain removed from his post until the conclusion of the Ethics Commission of the Cameroonian Football Federation on this matter.

“The said suspension will last the necessary time that it would take for the Ethics Commission of the Cameroonian Football Federation to rule on this case which football players in the Littoral region strongly condemn“, concludes the Fecafoot press release.

Yet another case in Cameroon

This new case of sexual abuse echoes previous cases such as that involving the famous Capello, denounced by investigative journalist Romain Molina, as well as a scandal involving a coach in the town of Bafoussam. This time around, it is Nitcheu who is the focus, and it is not the first time his name has been associated with such wrongdoing.

According to our sources at Sport News Africa, Nitcheu had already been accused of sexual assault the previous year, this time against a female entrepreneur. These allegations led to his arrest and detention. However, despite these previous antecedents, Nitcheu's name resurfaces in the current context, sparking a new wave of questions and concerns within the Cameroonian sporting community.