"I have s3x-appeal", Diana Bouli responds to an adult film recommendation

Diana Bouli: between regrets and sadness, the influencer apologizes to Cameroonians

Cameroonian influencer Diana Bouli recently apologized to the Cameroonian people after clumsily leaving her country for Ivory Coast. His gesture demonstrates his awareness and his desire to rectify his mistakes.

In an open letter shared on her Facebook page, Cameroonian influencer Diana Bouli questioned herself and apologized to the Cameroonian people. Having lived in Ivory Coast for several months, she admits to having attacked her country of origin in a clumsy manner, which was perceived as a betrayal by many Internet users in Cameroon.

“I’m sitting and I feel the need to speak to you from my heart. Rest assured, so far, the decisions I have made for my life and my place of residence are working to my advantage »writes Diana Bouli.

Diana Bouli between regrets and lack of love

Despite her regrets, Diana Bouli remains firm about the choices she made regarding her life and where she lives. She says that so far, these decisions have proven beneficial for her.

“I regret nothing about these choices, except what I am preparing to share with you today with all possible sincerity, and a completely peaceful state internally, with the aim that nothing is taken slight or poorly expressedshe stressed.

However, aware of the impact of her actions, she wishes to share her sincere apologies with the Cameroonian people in order to avoid any misinterpretation or lightness in her words.

“I haven’t experienced much love…

In her letter, Diana Bouli also explains that her attitude can be explained by the difficult trials she has faced since childhood until now. She confesses to not having experienced much love during her youth and to having faced many difficulties throughout her life. “When I was little, you should know that I didn’t know much love and life didn’t give me any gifts… and in full ascension, I therefore couldn’t understand or support the surge of hatred there was towards me”she argued.

Now ambassador for CAN 2023 in Ivory Coast, Diana Bouli also apologized to all the people she may have offended or hurt by her words or actions. She acknowledges having reacted inappropriately and expresses her wish to make amends.