Décor Ilonga et sa compagne Divine Malembe mariés @ Mbote

Decor Ilonga: civil marriage of the actor with his partner Divine Malembe

Actor Décor Ilonga celebrated his civil marriage with Divine Malembe last weekend.

Décor Ilonga, famous Congolese actor and artist, has taken an important step in his personal life by entering into a civil marriage with his partner Divine Malembe. The wedding ceremony took place in front of the civil registrar, in the presence of many comedians, including Jeremie Shabani and Maman Kalunga, who expressed their support and congratulations to the couple, according to information from Mbote .

Through social networks, fans and loved ones also witnessed this special moment, with a shower of congratulatory messages addressed to the bride and groom. Photos recounting the history and important moments of their relationship were exhibited in a frame magnificently decorated for the occasion.

Civil marriage represents an official and legal commitment for Décor Ilonga and Divine Malembe, thus sealing their love and their desire to build a future together. This joyful and emotional moment marks the start of a new stage in their lives, and the promise of a solid and fulfilling union.