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Cameroon: 2 villagers “executed” in public by separatists

Two villagers were publicly “executed” in a market by separatist rebels in western Cameroon, the region’s prefect said on Thursday.

Wednesday late afternoon, “a group of armed terrorists invaded the village of Guzang”in the North-West, “kidnapped two civilians from their homes who they then summarily executed by shooting in the market square, in front of a crowd of helpless people”wrote Thursday in a press release, Benoît Nicaise Fouda Etaba, the prefect of the Momo department.

The victims are the younger brother of the Fon of Guzang, the traditional chief of the village, and a small trader, according to the prefect. The attackers “accused them of collaboration with the army”indicated a local administration official, quoted by media. “This happened in front of the population, including their family members”lamented a leader of a local civil society organization.

At the beginning of July, Amnesty International was again alarmed by“atrocities” of which civilians are regularly victims, in particular “extrajudicial executions”, “homicides” inhabitants including women and children, “torture” And “rape”perpetrated by security forces and armed separatists alike.