Décès de Nono Monzuluku, pionnier de l

Death of Nono Monzuluku, pioneer of Congolese animation in Paris

Nono Monzuluku, the pioneer of the animation genre known as “Atalaku » in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and throughout Africa died at the age of 69 in Paris.

A painful loss has just struck the world of African music, particularly in the DRC. The pioneer of the predominant animation style in many Congolese songs, today called “Atalaku”, left us. This style has spread throughout Africa, particularly in Ivory Coast, thanks to many DJs who have made careers in the musical field.

This is Honoré Monzuluku Mombele, also known as Nono Monzuluku, who succumbed to a brief illness at the age of 69 on the night of Friday January 12 in Paris, where he had resided since 2002. This distinguished artist was a member of the famous musical group Zaïko Langa Langa in 1982, making a significant contribution to his favorite instrument, the “kitshaka tshaka”.

As a reminder, Nono Monzuluku managed to introduce these characteristic maracas into Congolese music, which is today widely recognized in the African music scene. After 26 years with Zaïko Langa Langa, he began a successful solo career.