DRC: army announces having killed leader of attempted coup

Coup d'état foiled in the DRC: 53 people tried including the son of Christian Malanga

Three weeks after an aborted putsch attempt according to the Congolese authorities, 53 people are called to appear before the Kinshasa-Gombe Garrison Court.

Accused of having participated, directly or indirectly, in this mysterious attack against the Palace of the Nation and the residence of Vital Kamerhe, current President of Parliament, these 53 individuals face charges of“attack, terrorism, illegal possession of weapons and munitions of war, attempted assassination, criminal conspiracy, murder and financing of terrorism”.

Among those charged, the media report, are the son of Christian Malanga, leader of the commando killed during the assault, as well as foreigners, including Americans Benjamin Zalman Polun and Taylor Thomson. In addition, Jean-Jacques Wondo, a Belgian-Congolese and military expert collaborating with the National Intelligence Agency, is also among the accused, suspected of having provided a means of transport to Christian Malanga.

As a reminder, on Sunday May 19, dozens of armed men attacked the residence of Vital Kamerhe, then minister and now president of the National Assembly, before storming the Palace of the Nation.