Fally Ipupa angry: the singer files a complaint against a journalist

Concert at the Defense Arena: Fally Ipupa makes nearly two billion FCFA in revenue

Fally Ipupa caused a sensation with more than $3 million in revenue during her concert in Paris, or nearly two billion FCFA.

Fally Ipupa’s concert at La Défense Arena in Paris in December 2023 was a real triumph on a financial level, according to data communicated by Touring Data. With the sale of 39,048 tickets, the event generated an impressive revenue of $3.16 million, achieving a fill rate of 100% of the venue’s maximum capacity.

This record amount presents the Congolese artist’s Parisian concert as the most profitable of his career, even surpassing the revenue of the famous Nigerian artist Burna Boy during his visit to the same venue in 2021, estimated at $2.86 million for 36,585 tickets sold.

These exceptional figures are proof that the Eagle has been able to conquer the French public, who always respond massively to applaud his majestic voice.