Coco Emilia: a Prophet predicts three potential dangers including his “certain death”

Coco Emilia still in a relationship? Her bouquet of 50 fresh roses and a sweet note attract attention

Since the announcement of her separation from Francis Mvemba, Coco Emilia’s private life has been even more scrutinized by the celebrity media. They want to know the one who will take the diamond dealer’s place in their heart.

This is why she is followed very closely on social networks. In early 2024, the Cameroonian influencer published a photo of herself holding a bouquet of 50 fresh roses with a kind word from the donor. As she should expect, the photo has not gone unnoticed and speculation is rife.

“Thank you my love,” she replied to set the web on fire. Internet users have concluded that the Cameroonian star is in love again. For others, it might be a bouquet of roses from her ex, Congolese businessman Francis Mvemba, who is trying to put the pieces back together.