Coco Emilia: a Prophet predicts three potential dangers including his “certain death”

Coco Emilia pregnant? Her rounded belly Captures the Attention of Internet Users (video)

For several months, Coco Emilia, famous Cameroonian social media star, had escaped prying eyes. However, in recent hours, she has returned to the spotlight, sowing doubt within her online community.

It is through a captivating video, where she appears dressed in lingerie, that Coco Emilia aroused strong reactions. Her rounded belly left no one indifferent.

Very quickly, speculation began to circulate on the web, claiming that the Cameroonian star would be pregnant again. Fans were quick to try to determine the identity of the father.

Coco Emilia, who was recently announced seriously ill before making her comeback on social networks in June 2023, could therefore become a mother for the second time.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it would be wonderful news for the young woman who is already the mother of a little girl, Sophie, born from her marriage to Congolese businessman Francis Mvemba.

For now, fans are eagerly awaiting an official statement from Coco Emilia to confirm this happy news. Until then, his fans remain in suspense and continue to speculate on social networks.