Francis Mvemba et Coco Emilia @ Montage

Coco Emilia: her ex Francis Mvemba found in a police station, after his disappearance

Disappeared and announced dead a few days ago, Congolese businessman and ex-husband of Coco Emilia, Francis Mvemba was found in a police station in Sierra Leone. He was robbed and stripped of everything he owned.

Like wildfire, the information of the disappearance of Congolese diamond merchant Francis Mvemba invaded the web on Tuesday March 26, 2024. Some even predicted the death of the ex-husband of the famous Cameroonian influencer Coco Emilia.

The disappearance of Francis Mvemba caused a wave of confusion and concern, affecting both his family and his many admirers until Cameroonian influencer Peupah Zouzoua intervened to calm things down. Through a post dated Wednesday, March 27 on Facebook, the content creator reassured the public that the businessman was actually in Sierra Leone, but had lost all contact following an unfortunate incident.

According to the details provided, Mvemba found himself in a police station, not because of an arrest, but because he had been the target of thieves who had robbed him of all his belongings. This unfortunate event is the cause of his unexpected silence which sowed fear among those close to him. Details surrounding Francis Mvemba's theft, including the circumstances and location of the incident, remain unclear.