Francis Mvemba et Coco Emilia @ Montage

Coco Emilia: Francis Mvemba responds to his detractors and promises to save their marriage

At the heart of the controversy for several days, Congolese businessman Francis Mvemba responded to criticism against his wife Coco Emilia and showed his determination to save their marriage.

In the midst of divorce proceedings with Francis Mvemba, he appeared publicly in the company of Coco Emilia, thus fueling discussions. Faced with criticism aroused by this apparent reconciliation, Francis Mvemba responded vehemently to his detractors.

On his Snapchat account, Francis Mvemba quickly reacted to the numerous criticisms, expressing his determination to preserve his marriage. “Emilia, I found you with the status of Miss, I gave you the status of Madame and your next one will either be widowed or deceased, never divorced so don't tire me out anymore with your jealousies early in the morning!! ” did he declare. He also emphasized his categorical refusal to hear the word “divorce” mentioned regarding his marriage, saying he is determined to maintain his union at all costs.

Furthermore, Francis Mvemba mentioned the negative reactions of certain Internet users to the announcement of his reconciliation with Coco Emilia. He has made clear his willingness to resolve these disputes in person. “For those who are too angry, please meet me physically. Emilia manages you on the networks, me physically,” he added.

This statement comes two years after the Congolese diamond merchant expressed his desire to save his marriage during an interview with the program “Life Weekend” on Life TV. Thus, this reconciliation should not come as a surprise, given the determination previously displayed by Francis Mvemba.