Coco Emilia: a Prophet predicts three potential dangers including his “certain death”

Coco Emilia: a Prophet predicts three potential dangers including his “certain death”

Today, more and more African public figures find themselves at the heart of prophetic revelations made by men of God. This time, it is the turn of Coco Emilia, the Cameroonian influencer, to be called to vigilance following disturbing warnings.

Coco Emilia, whose real name is Claude Emilia Ilondo Nawe, is a media personality and a recognized entrepreneur in Cameroon. After a union followed by a divorce with the Congolese businessman Francis Mvemba, she temporarily moved away from social networks. Recently, she reappeared on the canvas, radiant and full of life, after rumors of depression.

While Coco Emilia recently shared photos of herself on her Facebook page, a prophet named Ngono E. Y Ninka spoke up to warn her of the dangers that await her. Although he didn’t reveal the details, he expresses real concern for the Cameroonian. He also mentions the bad dreams and disturbing dreams that torment Emilia, hinting that they could be signs of trouble to come. The prophet therefore advises the social media star to pray and stay vigilant.

Three potentially dangerous situations for Coco Emilia

According to him, if Coco Emilia does not exercise great caution, she could find herself confronted with three potentially dangerous situations. The first would be a complex legal case, related to real estate, where she would risk being unfairly accused. Then he brings up the possibility of certain death with the involvement of a sent demon. Finally, he warns against the malevolent use of harmful spiritual forces.

This Prophet encourages the Cameroonian influencer to seek refuge in Jesus Christ, in the hope that she will take this prophecy seriously. It is important to remember the case in Ivory Coast where Elie Padah, a Prophet, made serious revelations about the singer Roseline Layo, revelations which had been minimized. The rest is unfortunately known with the accident that the artist recently experienced on the Bouaké-Katiola road.

It remains to be seen how Coco Emilia will respond to this prophetic warning and what she will do in the face of possible difficulties that may arise.