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Clash between Booba and Didi B: DJ Lewis gets involved and makes a complaint

DJ Lewis, Ivorian artist, reacted to the clash between Booba and Didi B. In a message on his social networks, the designer of the bird flu dance made a complaint to the fans of the Ivorian rapper Didi.

Tension rises between Ivorian rapper Didier B and French star Booba, marking a highly publicized artistic breakup. For several months, the two artists have been verbally attacking each other on social networks. Their quarrel took a new turn when Didi B decided to file a complaint against Booba.

Booba, also known by his real name Élie Yaffa, accuses his former protégé of collaborating with other artists without his consent, thus sparking a public dispute. However, Didier B refuses to comply with this condition, leading to an escalation of the conflict.

As their argument continues to capture attention, DJ Lewis, famous for creating the dance ” Avian Flu “expressed his concerns to Didier B's fans. He urged them to reconsider their actions towards Booba, emphasizing that this did not contribute in any way to Didier B's artistic development.

“Do you think you are doing Didier B good when you throw barbs at Booba? Stop, please. This is not doing him any favors. Let it blossom fully. Now is not the time to create enemies for him. It is time for Ivorian artists to reach unexpected heights. It is launched into a great dynamic. This is not the time to get him in trouble, guys, sorry. »he wished.

This quarrel between Didier B and Booba continues to arouse public interest, suggesting future developments in the world of French-speaking African music.