Cameroon records record number of cholera vaccinations

Cholera in Zambia: the death toll rises to more than 400

The toll of the cholera epidemic in Zambia is increasing. According to the latest official figures announced by health authorities in Zambia, at least 400 people have died from this disease.

Zambia is facing a new wave of the cholera epidemic raging across the country. Appearing in October 2023, the epidemic has already caused 412 deaths out of 10,413 recorded cases. According to official sources, cholera has been detected in almost half of the country’s districts and in nine out of ten provinces.

Zambia has experienced several major cholera outbreaks since the 1970s, but this one is the worst in 20 years in terms of number of cases, according to Dr Mazyanga Mazaba, director of public health policy and communications at the Zambia Public Health Institute, cited by Africanews.