Singer Mani Bella has a spectacular fall during a concert

CAN 2023: Cameroonian singer Mani Bella demands a decoration from Ivory Coast

The Cameroonian singer, Mani Bella, who was recently in Ivory Coast as part of the 34th edition of the CAN, did not stop making publications, in which she promoted the country. At the end, she demands recognition from the country’s authorities.

On the occasion of the 2023 African Cup of Nations (CAN), Ivorian soil welcomed quite a few African stars. From influencers, through former footballers, singers, to actors, these celebrities have only promoted Côte d’Ivoire. Some of them even pretended to be ambassadors of the said country.

Among the latter, was the Cameroonian music star, Mani Bella. She who had traveled to Ivory Coast to experience CAN 2023 received a warm welcome from her colleagues Molare and Apoutchou National. Thanks to them, she spent pleasant, unforgettable moments on Ivorian soil, which she continued to share regularly on her Facebook page.

However, the singer of the hit song “Pala-Pala”, who had assigned herself the role of being the ambassador of Ivory Coast, made a request to the Ivorian authorities. “ I would say about myself that I am the most Ivorian of the Cameroonians. Because I promote Côte d’Ivoire a lot. On my different platforms, I talk a lot about Ivory Coast. I don’t talk about another country like I do this country. Recently, during my stay in Ivory Coast, I went sightseeing. I went to Yamoussoukro. I saw the Basilica. I also went to Bouaké. Taking images that I posted each time. I think that Ivory Coast should give me the medal of the order of valor “, she says.

It should be noted that even before coming to Ivory Coast, Mani Bella had already made such a request at the start of the competition. And in the said request, she indicated that the Ivorian government should give her a medal of honor as the best ambassador of Côte d’Ivoire abroad. And for good reason, according to her, she works too much and suffers a lot on Facebook.