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Cameroon: singer Happy from Efoulan is going through a very difficult situation

The young Cameroonian artist, Happy, is currently going through a difficult time due to his drug addiction problem. His production company even abandoned him, and a video is circulating on the Internet showing him in a neglected state.

Roger Essindi, aka Happy, had rapid success with his hit “Tchapeu-Tchapeu” in 2020, becoming a musical sensation in Cameroon and even beyond with other titles such as ” I did not do anything “ in collaboration with Mani Bella, “Mama”, “When it’s good, it’s good” And “Mapande”. He even toured Europe.

However, in May 2023, his production company announced the end of his collaboration due to his inability to overcome his addiction despite the advice received. The production, led by Serge Nkodo of Wake Up Music, warned that collaboration without permission would result in legal action.

Since then, the young Happy, aged 25, has fallen into a worrying situation. A viral video shows him unrecognizable, wearing worn slippers and tattered clothes, sitting in front of a bottle, illustrating the once-acclaimed artist’s descent into hell. According to sources, he even expressed a desire to return to school, signaling a drastic change in his life.