Cameroon: Nigerian actor Sylvester Madu victim of armed attack during filming

While he was in Bamenda in the North-West region of Cameroon as part of a film shoot, Nigerian actor Sylvester Madu was the victim of an armed attack by as yet unidentified individuals.

Nigerian actor Sylvester Madu, famous for his role as a hitman in heroic Nollywood films, came close to death during an attack by as yet unidentified armed individuals on a filming location in Cameroon.

The Nollywood actor traveled to Cameroon on Wednesday, November 23, 2023, to participate in a film project. However, on Saturday, November 25 at around 10 p.m., the crew was filming in a bar when unidentified gunmen burst in and opened fire. According to the New Telegraph, the attack unfortunately resulted in the loss of four lives and left more than ten seriously injured.

The incident was confirmed by the region’s mayor, Fongu Cletus, who said the star was not injured and was quickly evacuated to a secure location by security forces.

Although the motivations of the attackers, suspected of being separatists, remain unclear, the mayor stressed that it could be an attempt to kidnap the star.

The film company Dama reacted to the incident through a press release. The company expressed its condolences to the families of the victims and regretted not having taken more effective security measures to ensure the protection of the Nigerian star.