Francis Ngannou avec la ceinture de champion des lourds UFC

Cameroon: Francis Ngannou reacts to the tragic death of his son

Cameroonian Francis Ngannou reacted to the death of his son on Sunday April 28, 2024.

The world of MMA was shaken by the tragic disappearance of Francis Ngannou's son, which occurred on Sunday April 28. In a poignant statement on social media, the fighter expressed his pain and bewilderment at this immeasurable loss.

“What is the purpose of life if what we fight tooth and nail is what ultimately hits us the hardest? Why is life so unfair and unforgiving? Why does life always take what we don't have? I’m fucking tired”he shared, revealing all the distress inside him.

The disappearance of his 18-month-old son sparked a wave of support on the web, offering Francis Ngannou a semblance of comfort in this insurmountable ordeal. The circumstances of this heartbreaking event remain unknown at this time.

This great misfortune occurs while Francis Ngannou has not yet digested his recent defeat against Anthony Joshua in the English boxing ring. However, he tries to find the strength to plan for his next fight.