Cameroon - Burglary at the presidency: what you need to know

Cameroon – Burglary at the presidency: what you need to know

In Cameroon, during the night from Saturday to Sunday, the office of Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, director of the civil cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, was the victim of a burglary at the presidential palace. The criminals stole a large sum of money as well as sensitive documents. Strangely, the surveillance cameras had been deactivated before the theft.

Following this incident, several palace employees were questioned as part of the investigation. Among those interviewed, Colonel Evina NDO, deputy director of presidential security, is strongly suspected of having orchestrated the burglary. His key position in palace security raises questions about possible internal complicity.

Indeed, Mvondo Ayolo’s office is located on the second floor of the main building, between the council of ministers room and that of ambassadors, just below the office of President Paul Biya. The proximity of this office to that of the president and the sensitive nature of the stolen documents make this burglary particularly worrying.

In addition, the first elements of the investigation show that the burglars used a broken window as a diversion, without using it to access the office. This suggests precise knowledge of locations and security routines, reinforcing suspicions of internal complicity.

Since the incident, presidential security has been on high alert, and the investigation continues to identify the perpetrators of this daring burglary. This theft occurs in a context of internal tensions within the president’s entourage, exacerbated by power struggles.