Lady Ponce

Cameroon: bad news for Lady Ponce

Lady Ponce lost access to her YouTube certified account after being reported. Forced to create a new account, the Cameroonian singer implores her fans to subscribe in large numbers.

Currently affected by this situation, the Queen of Bikutsi is disoriented. Indeed, her detractors have accused her of not being the true composer of all her recording works present on YouTube. Despite her efforts to recover her account, Lady Ponce lost everything, including her many subscribers. Faced with this difficult reality, she decided to recreate a new account, the link to which is shared on her Facebook page. She informs her subscribers of this situation, expressing her resignation and her lack of fear of starting from scratch.

Lady Ponce explains that she tried in vain to recover her YouTube account, even providing certificates of authenticity from SACEM, confirming that she is indeed the author-composer of all her works. Faced with an impasse, she announces her decision to start from scratch.

By calling his loyal fans “sanders” And “Sanders”, she shares her new YouTube link and encourages them to subscribe massively before the official release of a new album. Thus, she wishes to prove to her detractors that she is still appreciated despite the nastiness of certain individuals, emphasizing her courage to restart her artistic journey.