Nigeria: neutralization of 26 terrorists affiliated with Daesh in West Africa

Cameroon: 16 civilians killed by Boko Haram

Sixteen civilians were killed Friday afternoon by suspected members of the Boko Haram terrorist group in the Far North region of Cameroon, according to members of the vigilance committees on site.

Boko Haram attacks in the Far North of Cameroon continue. This Friday, November 3, 2023, in the Far North of the country, sixteen civilians were killed by a homemade mine planted by Boko Haram fighters, according to local sources. Four other people were injured in the explosion, and it was reported that Boko Haram members carefully concealed the improvised explosive device in a hole dug in the middle of the road villagers regularly use to reach the market .

The tragedy took place in Limani, in the commune of Mora, located in the department of Mayo-Sava, on the border with Nigeria. Since 2014, the Far North region of Cameroon has been the scene of attacks perpetrated by the Boko Haram group.