Le sélectionneur de la Tunisie, Jalel Kadri

“Argentina lost their first match but won the title”, Jalel Kadri after Tunisia 0-1 Namibia

In the mixed zone, Tunisia coach Jalel Kadri regretted the defeat of the Carthage Eagles against Namibia (0-1) this Tuesday at CAN 2023, but is confident in his team’s ability to bounce back.

We are very disappointed. I apologize to our supporters. Opening matches are always difficult. We have seen this since the start of the tournament. We had tactical difficulties in the first half. We failed in the physical impact too. Khenissi’s exit did not help us. In the second half, we had two or three chances, but we didn’t take advantage of them. I think there are no small and big teams during this CAN.analyzed the Tunisian coach in a post-match press conference.

Despite this disappointing result, Jalal Kadri does not lose hope for qualification in the second round. “ There are two games left, we have to react. We put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. It’s not going to be easy but we will react and bounce back. Argentina lost their first World Cup match to Saudi Arabia but ultimately won the title…“, he concluded.