Algeria reacts to Mali's denunciation of the 2015 Peace Agreement

Algeria reacts to Mali’s denunciation of the 2015 Peace Agreement

Algeria has expressed deep regret after the decision of the Malian authorities to terminate the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, resulting from the Algiers process.

In an official statement, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted with “regrets and deep concern” to the denunciation of the Peace Agreement by the Transitional Government of Mali. Algeria, which played a key role in international mediation leading to the signing of the agreement in 2015, underlined its sincere commitment to the implementation of this agreement to promote peace and reconciliation in Mali.

The press release also highlighted the warning signs of this decision. “ The Malian people must also know and must convince themselves that the long list of reasons given in support of the denunciation of the Agreement absolutely does not correspond in any way to the truth or to reality.notes the press release from the Algerian authorities.

“In fact, it has escaped no one’s notice that the Malian authorities had been preparing this decision for a long time. The warning signs for two years have been their almost total withdrawal from the implementation of the Agreement, their almost systematic refusal of any initiative tending to relaunch the implementation of this Agreement, their contestation of integrity of international mediation, their designation of signatories to the Agreement, duly recognized, as terrorist leaders, their request for withdrawal from MINUSMA, the recent intensification of their arms programs financed by third countries and their recourse to international mercenaries“, explains Algerian diplomacy.

According to the press release, these measures taken by the Malian authorities have created fertile ground for the abandonment of the political option in favor of the military option, a decision which, according to Algeria, represents a real threat to the unity, territorial integrity, and peace in Mali. Algerian diplomacy has warned that the military option could lead to civil war, postponing national reconciliation rather than bringing it closer.

Change of posture of certain signatory groups…

The Malian government announced Thursday evening, the “end, with immediate effect”of the important Algiers agreement signed in 2015 with independence groups in the north of the country, long considered essential to stabilize the country.

Bamako invoked “the change in posture of certain signatory groups”but also “the acts of hostility and exploitation of the agreement on the part of the Algerian authorities, whose country is the leader of the mediation”, indicates a press release read on state television by Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga, spokesperson for the government installed by the military.