Samuel Eto

After his Spanish daughter, Samuel Eto’o sued by his Italian daughter Annie Eto’o

Already embroiled in a legal battle with his Spanish daughter, Erika Eto’o do Rosario Nieves, which ultimately ended in an agreement, Samuel once again finds himself in the crosshairs of justice after being arrested again by another of his children: his Italian daughter Annie Eto’o Barranca.

A few months ago, Samuel Eto’o was sued by his Spanish daughter Erika do Rosario for his alleged failure to recognize her as his biological daughter and pay child support. The case, which lasted five years in court, finally ended with a “satisfactory” agreement for the young woman in July 2023 for the payment of almost £105 million (€90,000) in child support. unpaid.

But the president of FECAFOOT finds himself once again in the crosshairs of the justice system after being arrested again by another of his children. The 42-year-old former Cameroonian footballer is said to be entangled in other problems with another of his daughters, the young Italian Annie Eto’o Barranca.

Barranca, who was also recognized by a court ruling as Eto’o’s biological daughter, is said to have sued the former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker for alleged failure to fulfill his duties as a father. Spanish media outlet La Vanguardia reports that she has now decided to file a complaint against him, after seeing her efforts to meet him fail on several occasions.

Thanks to my mother’s insistence, (Eto’o) managed to call while he was under judicial behavioral supervision and I was finally able to exchange a few words. He offered to meet us in London, but it was just words: when his contract in Qatar ended, that phone number was blocked and he never appeared again“, she said.

In an exclusive interview with the aforementioned media outlet, Annie’s lawyer, Daniele Vianello, explained what the lawsuit filed against the former captain of the Indomitable Lions consists of:

“We have filed a complaint with the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office in which Annie requests that her father be found guilty of committing the crime of violation of family obligations, punishable by up to one year in prison. A crime that dates back to nothing less than his birth and also with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism, since he has already been convicted of this same crime. »

Samuel Eto’o could face prison time over latest paternity saga

Annie Eto’o’s lawyer, Daniele Vianello, who also confirmed that she had tried several times to contact Samuel Eto’o without success, also said that a prison sentence was very possible for the former footballer. Vianello points out to the aforementioned media that the Public Prosecutor’s Office could request an arrest warrant against the footballer to guarantee his detention.

According to several reports, Annie Eto’o was born in August 2002. However, she was only recognized as the daughter of Samuel Eto’o in 2004 by the Court of First Instance of Palma de Mallorca. Since 2012, Eto’o, one of Africa’s richest footballers, has been forced to pay £11.7 million (10,000 euros) a month in alimony – a series of payments he would never have honored.