A$AP Rocky: "I refused to put Fally Ipupa in contact with Rihanna because he is not respectful"

A$AP Rocky: “I refused to put Fally Ipupa in contact with Rihanna because he is not respectful”

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In a recent media release, rapper A$AP Rocky revealed that he refused to put Congolese singer Fally Ipupa in touch with his wife Rihanna because of an unusual gesture that he deemed disrespectful.

It is now an open secret. The Congolese artist Fally Ipupa, who has already worked with international artists in the past such as the Americans R-Kelly and Olivia from the group G-Unit, dreams of doing a featuring with Rihanna. He also revealed it during his appearance on the show “ The question box by Canal+ broadcast in 2021.

However, the hopes of this collaboration seem to have been showered by a misunderstanding on how to address Asap Rocky, the companion of Rihanna.

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During an interview, Asap Rocky revealed that Fally Ipupa had contacted him to negotiate a collaboration with Rihanna. However, the Congolese singer’s gesture unfortunately created a bad first impression. The rapper criticizes Dicap for the wonder of having called him “bro” (brother) instead of Monsieur. A term that caused a feeling of lack of respect in Asap Rocky, as he said himself in a sequence relayed by the Congolese media.

This communication error had consequences on the request for collaboration. Asap Rocky explained that he was not his wife Rihanna’s manager, and that he turned down the proposal due to the perceived lack of respect in Fally Ipupa’s approach. ” Fally Ipupa contacted me for a feat with Rihanna. First, I’m not my wife’s manager. Then I refused because I didn’t like his way of approaching me. He called me ‘My bro’, instead of sir. He is the one who needs visibility, so he must be respectful. Then we’ll see the rest. said the rapper and father of Rihanna’s children.

While this release attributed to Asap Rocky is already arousing heated debate among Internet users, the Congolese singer has preferred to remain silent for the moment.

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