7,498 m² for 20,000 euros per month: the luxurious Brussels residence of Félix Tshisekedi

7,498 m² for 20,000 euros per month: the luxurious Brussels residence of Félix Tshisekedi

The presidential couple has been domiciled since 2022 in the very expensive Avenue Prince d’Orange, in Uccle.

Belgium is my second country,” likes to repeat Félix Tshisekedi when he visits us.

It must be said that before being designated president of the Democratic Republic of Congo through the desire for an agreement with his predecessor Joseph Kabila, the man and his family lived with us for many years. It was here that he completed his secondary studies and began his higher studies, which he never completed, contrary to what the fake diplomas he regularly brandished might suggest.

Since January 2019, President Tshisekedi has regularly come to Belgium, for a state visit but also for numerous private trips. In 2022, the Congolese presidential couple took up residence in Uccle, avenue Prince d’Orange, as revealed this Friday by the newspaper Le Soir.

A vast property of 7,498 m2 dotted with a vast residence described as a “Norman villa” with a living area of ​​860m2 which the couple rents to the real estate company Interimmobilier at the head of which we find Robert Lévy, a well-established businessman. established in the DRC, and particularly in Lubumbashi, where in 2004 he created the Trust Merchant Bank (TMB) which quickly established itself as one of the reference banks on the Congolese market. A banking institution in which he resold 85% of the shares in… 2022 to a Kenyan bank.

20,000 euros rent

The Uccle house was purchased for 5.3 million euros according to Le Soir, the couple rents this prestigious property for 20,000 euros per month. A significant sum for a president who lived frugally in Belgium, even recognizing in an interview conducted before the presidential campaign that it was his wife, a nursing assistant in a nursing home, who provided for the household needs.

“With Tshisekedi in power, it’s the return of the Belgian Congo”

In a recent interview given on radio Top Congo, Congolese Finance Minister Nicolas Kazadi explained that the monthly salary of the President of the Republic amounted to 17,000 dollars. The rent for the house would therefore be covered by the Congolese state.

The very Belgian Madame Nyakeru

The wife of the President of the Congolese Republic, Madame Denise Nyakeru, was regularly seen in the neighborhood. “She is a Congolese mother, she likes to spend time with her five children who are at school in Brussels”, explains an acquaintance of the family who insists on the close links between the Tshisekedi and Belgium. Links which are made concrete in particular by the Belgian nationality of the wife of the Congolese head of state. A nationality acquired on September 13, 2002.