CDM 2026 (Q): the Central African Republic’s list for Chad and Ghana

2026 World Cup (Q): beaten by Ghana, the Central African Republic calls FIFA

Beaten by Ghana (4-3) last week in the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, the Central African Republic filed an appeal with FIFA to complain about the referee of the match and demanded his suspension, informs Sport News Africa .

Relaunched after its precious victory against Chad (1-0) on June 6, the Central African Republic failed to continue in these qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. Opposed to Ghana during the 4th day of the qualifying phases, the Fauves were are inclined with a score of 4-3. Despite a hat-trick from Amiens Louis Mafouta, coach Raoul Savoy's team were punished by goals from Jordan Ayew, also the author of a hat-trick, and Fatawu Issahaku.

A defeat which, however, caused controversy in the CAR, with the Central African Football Federation (FCF) which contacted FIFA to complain about the arbitration. In a note which Soprt News Africa was able to consult, the FCF denounced the contentious decisions of the referee, the Libyan Ahmed Abdulrazak, during the game.

“We are tired of being robbed by the referees. Once again in Ghana we were beaten by the referees“, regretted Célestin Yanindji, the president of the FCF, in the columns of the media cited. According to the newspaper, the Central African body sent a video to the FIFA competition director, detailing the fouls not called by Ahmed Abdulrazak in favor of the Fauves.

The Central African leader reported a penalty not whistled following a tackle by a Ghanaian defender, as well as another penalty whistled this time in favor of the Black Stars. Which led to Jordan Ayew opening the scoring in the 6th minute. A sanction considered severe by the president of the Central African Football Federation, who also castigated the goal refused to Karl Namnganda for an offside which he considers non-existent. The latter was also warned of a yellow card and will therefore be suspended for the next RCA match.

The FCF requires “the lifting of the unjustified sanction » plus the suspension of the referee “for having distorted the result of the meeting“. It now remains to be seen what action FIFA will take on this litany of complaints. As a reminder, the Central African Republic is fifth in Group I with 4 points, 5 points behind co-leaders Comoros and Ghana, after four days.