DRC: shipwreck leaves at least 30 dead and more than 160 missing

Zimbabwe: 28 dead in two road accidents

Two road accidents killed 28 people on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Zimbabwe. Both accidents took place on the same highway, linking Masvingo to Beitbridge.

Two fatal accidents shook southwest Zimbabwe on Wednesday. According to information received, a bus collided with a truck on the highway linking Bulawayo, the country’s second city, to Beitbridge, on the border with South Africa, killing 22 people. Earlier in the day, another accident on the same highway, linking Masvingo to Beitbridge, had already claimed the lives of six people and injured three others.

According to police authorities, all 22 people involved in the collision between the bus and truck died instantly, while two others were injured and rushed to a hospital in Bulawayo for medical treatment.

Road accidents remain a major concern in many countries, and Zimbabwe is unfortunately no exception. Local authorities are being called upon to step up road safety measures to prevent such tragic losses in the future.