“You will have my death on your conscience”, the singer Creol bids farewell to the Gabonese

“You will have my death on your conscience”, the singer Creol bids farewell to the Gabonese

While she has become the laughing stock of the Gabonese since the overthrow of Ali Bongo by a coup d’état, the Gabonese singer Créol has finally broken down. In a post on her social networks, the singer, known for her connections with the fallen regime, said goodbye to her fans.

The destiny of singer Creol has taken an unexpected and difficult turn since the overthrow of Ali Bongo’s regime by a group of soldiers led by General Brice Oligui Nguema, who was recently sworn in as the country’s new leader. The singer’s troubles began with growing hostility from her followers on social media. The latter criticize him for his past links with the fallen regime as well as certain of his previous statements.

As the invective against him reached a fever pitch over the course of the week, following the swearing in of Gabon’s prominent new leader, Créol finally buckled under the pressure. Indeed, the singer posted on her Facebook page the image of a black background, which unequivocally reflects a feeling of deep mourning. Subsequently, she added a legend of a particularly mournful nature.

I’m fed up, I want to leave forever: “You will have my death on your conscience. I bid you farewell and entrust my son to you.” See you tomorrow at 9 p.m., I no longer have the strength to fight. It will be Créol for the last time“, she wrote. This outing obviously had no impact on the Gabonese who continue to push it further.

We only reap what we sow. As an artist, you have to know how to measure your speeches in the political domain, which is reserved for politicians.« , « Instead of crying, ask the Gabonese for forgiveness! Ngueuuuu, it will be Créol for the last time.« , « Who are you entrusting your son to now? And you can still say that you love him? Lol. All because your friends were ousted from power. » can we read in the comments.

Creol, a supporter of the Bongo regime…

The singer has always been very close to Ali Bongo’s regime. During the last presidential campaigns, she was one of the rare Gabonese celebrities who openly supported Ali Bongo. “ My candidate is Ali Bongo. I think the CEO will win, everyone has the right to choose their candidate. When we announce that Ali Bongo has won, you will leave afterwards of your holes,” she declared in a live broadcast on her Facebook page.