Les Guépards du Bénin posent pour une rencontre officielle

World Cup 2026 (Q): 22 Cheetahs out of 25 already in Abidjan

The group led by Gernot Rohr is growing in Ivory Coast as preparations for the upcoming 2026 World Cup qualifying matches are in full swing. Currently on training in Abidjan, 22 Cheetahs are present this Saturday June 1, 2024 to prepare for the important deadlines to come.

On the sixth day of assembly, only three players are still missing: Mattéo Ahlinvi, Mohamed Tidjani and Andréas Hountondji. Concerning the latter, the chances of seeing him join the team seem slim due to a lingering injury.

Under the leadership of Gernot Rohr, the Beninese team is refining its strategy with a view to facing Rwanda on Thursday June 6 and Nigeria on Monday June 10. These two meetings will be crucial for the Beninese in their quest to qualify for the next World Cup.

Training takes place on a synthetic pitch in Cocody, where players participate in two daily sessions, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. This rigor and intensity in the preparation testify to the importance of these upcoming matches for the Beninese team.

The 22 Cheetahs present in Abidjan

Saturnin Allagbé, Marcel Dandjinou, Jodel Dossou, Junior Olaïtan, Rabiou Sankamao, Rachid Moumini, Rodrigue Fassinou, Prince Ricardo Dossou, Romaric Amoussou, Abdul Karim Rahman, Mohamed Tijani, Cédric Hountondji, Yohan Roche, David Tchétchao, Mariano Ahouangbo, David KIKI, Captain Steve Mounié, Samson Akinyoola, Imourane Hassane, Dokou Dodo, Tosin Ayiegun and Sessi d'Almeida