"We don't like dirt", Fally Ipupa reacts to his absence at the Nuit de la francophonie

“We don’t like dirt”, Fally Ipupa reacts to his absence at the Nuit de la francophonie

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Fally Ipupa celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Foundation with a memorable concert on Sunday August 27, 2023 at the municipal stadium of Bandal in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In front of thousands of enthusiastic fans, the artist offered an exceptional musical performance while subtly addressing his recent withdrawal from the Nuits de la Francophonie.

Since its creation ten years ago, the Fally Ipupa Foundation (FIF) has been committed to supporting the most disadvantaged segments of the Congolese population. Their humanitarian activities aim to provide concrete assistance to victims of sexual violence, orphans and other vulnerable people in society.

As he celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Foundation, Fally Ipupa seized the opportunity to convey a message through his music, expressing his reaction to his withdrawal from Les Nuits de la Francophonie. “We are in white because we don’t mix. We’re white because we’re clean, we don’t like dirt.”said Fally Ipupa without going into details.

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With her energetic and captivating performance, the artist touched the hearts of her fans, reminding them of the importance of culture and brotherhood. This concert is undoubtedly remembered as a significant moment of celebration and solidarity, highlighting Fally Ipupa’s commitment to his audience and the cause he defends.