USA: Cameroonian singer Libianca postpones her musical tour following death threats

USA: Cameroonian singer Libianca postpones her musical tour following death threats

Libianca, the Cameroonian singer was forced to postpone her musical tour in North America. And for good reason, she received threats from alleged separatists in the English-speaking regions for having brandished a flag of her country of origin during a concert.

The Cameroonian-American star Libianca, living in the United States, announced bad news to her fans this Friday, April 12, 2024. In fact, the latter postponed the date of her tour in northern America for security reasons. According to the singer, she receives threats from separatists in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Hello Besties. I write this with a heavy heart to tell you that my tour of North America will be postponed because I received explicit threats during my Australian tour from a Cameroonian separatist group, “The Amba Boys” because my team asks for it. I waved the Cameroonian flag on stage which could be seen on social media, which I assumed meant I was standing with our current president. My country has been experiencing a civil war since 2016 that has destroyed my hometown, with countless deaths among my fellow citizens and separation within the country itself. My carrying the Cameroonian flag was not to say which side I am on, but to symbolize the faith that one day we, The People, will come together and lead with love because we are better together when we stand together. let's help each other instead of hating each other », Wrote the singer.

She continued by reassuring her fans: “ New dates for the North American tour will be posted once determined,” while expressing gratitude to all those who hold it in their hearts. She also specifies in a post on her Facebook page: “I refuse to cancel just need time to take the necessary precautions I love you! “.

Who is Libianca?

The Cameroonian singer, Libianca whose real name is Libianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji, was born in the United States. She is the pride of African music and especially of her country of origin internationally. Returning to Cameroon, the young girl is passionate about music and returning to Uncle Sam's country in 2021, she participates in the American version The Voice and releases the following year her first single entitled ''People'', which quickly became a hit and gave him notoriety.

Now 22 years old, Libianca has won several prestigious trophies with six platinum records in six different countries, namely Australia, England, Switzerland, Canada, the United States and France.