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Tunisia: President Kais Saïed terminates the functions of Prime Minister Najla Bouden

Tunisian President Kais Saïed has decided to relieve Prime Minister Najla Bouden, the first woman to head a government in Tunisia, from her duties, as announced in an official video from the presidency on Tuesday evening.

In a surprising announcement, the President of the Tunisian Republic, Kais Saïed, decided to terminate the functions of Prime Minister Najla Bouden, according to a video released by the presidency Tuesday evening. This decision marks a major turning point in the country, since Najla Bouden was the first woman to hold the position of Prime Minister in Tunisia.

The precise reasons for this government reshuffle were not immediately disclosed, leaving the population and political observers in suspense. However, the appointment of Ahmed Hachani to replace Najla Bouden was announced simultaneously. Ahmed Hachani brings with him prior professional experience at the Central Bank of Tunisia, as well as an academic link with President Saïed, having studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tunis where the latter taught.

This political development raises questions about the future direction of the Tunisian government under the new leadership of Ahmed Hachani. As the country goes through a period of complex political transition and socio-economic challenges, the appointment of a new Prime Minister could impact government policies and priorities with regard to the crucial issues facing Tunisia.

The dismissal of Prime Minister Najla Bouden by President Kais Saïed marks a historic moment for Tunisia, removing the first woman to lead a government in the country. As the new Prime Minister, Ahmed Hachani, takes the reins of power, eyes are on the future to see how his term will unfold and what changes he will bring to the country.