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Tunisia: death of a woman and 3 children in a shipwreck off the coast of Sfax

An irregular migrant boat capsized off the coast of Sfax, in southern Tunisia, killing four people, including a woman and three children.

A new tragedy at sea has devastated the Tunisian coast, highlighting the challenges faced by irregular migrants trying to reach Europe. Four irregular migrants lost their lives when their boat capsized off the coast of Sfax, a port city in southern Tunisia.

According to Faouzi Masmoudi, spokesperson for the Sfax court, this tragedy occurred on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, and cost the lives of a woman and three children. Details regarding their nationality were not immediately available.

The Tunisian authorities have opened an investigation to determine responsibility for this shipwreck and to identify the organizers of this attempted irregular migration. This tragedy is a reminder of the dangers migrants face when they undertake perilous journeys across the Mediterranean in the hope of a better life in Europe.

Tunisia has become a frequent departure point for irregular migrants seeking to reach European shores, particularly the Italian island of Lampedusa, located around 130 kilometers from the Tunisian coast. Tunisian authorities have regularly announced the detection of attempts at irregular migration and the arrest of migrants from Tunisia and other African countries.