Morocco: death toll from earthquake exceeds 1,000

Morocco: life is gradually resuming in disaster areas after the earthquake

Regions affected by the devastating earthquake in Morocco on September 8 are showing signs of resuming daily life. Moroccan authorities and non-governmental organizations continue to set up tents and provide essential aid to victims.

In Morocco, life is gradually resuming in the disaster areas after the earthquake. Relief operations continue, with the distribution of tents and aid in affected areas. Camps are equipped with sanitation facilities, drinking water and electricity. Aid organizations have set up tents for doctors, while Morocco’s health ministry has treated more than 16,000 cases since the earthquake began.

The property damage assessment process also continues, with the possibility of providing financing to owners of damaged homes. Students gathered in specially designed tents to study, while others were transferred to educational institutions in Marrakech.

Despite these efforts, some educational institutions have not yet reopened, and concerns persist about the situation of students in some affected areas.

The earthquake had devastating consequences, with a death toll of 2,946, 6,125 injured and significant material destruction. The Moroccan government has announced financial aid measures for owners of damaged homes, but reconstruction and recovery will take time.