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Tunisia and Italy strengthen their military cooperation

Military cooperation between Tunisia and Italy will be strengthened in the military field. This is essentially what we can learn from the exchanges which took place between the Tunisian Minister of Defense, Imad Mamish, and his Italian counterpart, Guido Crosetto, in Tunis.

During the 25th meeting of the Tunisian-Italian Joint Military Commission in Tunis, the Tunisian and Italian Defense Ministers stressed the importance of strengthening military capabilities and continuing cooperation between the two countries.

During this meeting, Mamish expressed satisfaction with the results of the joint military activities carried out in 2023. The discussions also focused on future plans to strengthen the operational capabilities of the armed forces of the two countries for the year 2024.

The Italian Minister, Guido Crosetto, welcomed the success of the meeting and underlined the importance of the discussions to open new horizons of cooperation between Tunisia and Italy. This meeting comes following the recent visit of the Italian Prime Minister to Tunisia.