“The woman cannot be head of the family”, this response from Diane Nama has the internet talking

This response from Diane Nama, the Cameroonian actress and columnist of the show “The Women’s Choir”from Canal+ It's snowballing on the web.

Cameroonian actress and columnist Diane Nama recently set the internet abuzz. Indeed, during the recent program “Le Choir des Femmes”, broadcast on the Canal+Elle channel, she frankly answered the question of whether a woman can be head of the family.

For my part, no! Really me, I'm a traditionalist and I'm not going to trample my traditions for modernization. For me, a woman cannot be the head of the family! “, Diane said before explaining: “ It's not absolute logic, but for me, a woman's role is to be next to her husband. That is to say, assists. It's not her place to have the last word in front of an “I said that” type of man. To me, it's ugly. Traditionally even that doesn't happen. Even in the Bible, the person who said that a wise woman builds her house, a fool destroys it with her own hands. It’s a very clear adage. Not to say that women are marginalized in their homes, not at all! »

She continued by revealing that she is not at all against the emancipation of women, however, we should also not be in exaggeration. “ Today, the modernization we are talking about still allows the woman to be able to say a word, unlike previous years, at the time of our grandparents when the man said: “that's it and nothing more.” 'other “. I am for evolution, but we must not exaggerate! She cannot make a decision in front of a man, but she must accompany him “, said Diane Nama.